Water vs Flame

Aquamation Overview

Aquamation, also called alkaline hydrolysis, is a modern approach to handling human remains that is gaining popularity as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional flame cremation.

The process was invented in 1888 by Amos Herbert Hobson and in 2005, the Mayo Clinic acquired the first system for the purpose of reducing human remains in a dignified manner.

Instead of fire, aquamation uses 95% water and 5% potassium solution to decompose the body.The gentle process reduces the human body to its most basic compounds and cremains are processed and are given to a family in an urn, just like traditional flame cremation.

This method has been known by various names over time, such as:

  • Aquamation
  • Resomation
  • Water cremation
  • Bio-cremation
  • Flameless cremation
  • Green cremation

You can pre-arrange your own cremation that will use this process.  The planning steps are the same whether you you choose water or flame based cremation.  If you have questions you would like to discuss, please call (702) 483-1127 or contact us

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