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Green Farewells lets you skip the trip to the funeral home by offering easy, online arrangements you can complete in minutes from home. Our team is always available to speak with you by phone to help answer any questions.

Green Farewells

At Nevada’s top eco-friendly crematory, Green Farewells seamlessly blends community care with environmental stewardship. Our goal is to provide accessible and affordable eco-friendly cremation options to all families, ensuring a sustainable legacy for future generations.


Aquamation is an eco-friendly, gentle, water-based process of transforming remains into their most basic components: minerals and water.


Flame Based


You can also choose to arrange regular cremation services at an affordable price, from the convenience of your home.


COMING SOON! Terramation is a soil based, natural, organic reduction process. Using a supervised and managed process, human remians are gently tranformed into life-giving soil.

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