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Green Farewells leads the way in environmentally-conscious pet aftercare in Las Vegas. Specializing in aquamation, a gentle water-based alternative to traditional cremation, we offer compassionate services directly to families. Our mission is to provide respectful, eco-friendly aftercare options for grieving pet owners, preserving legacies and creating lasting memories. With our empathetic approach, we ensure each pet’s farewell is handled sensitively and professionally.

Aquamation uses warm water, time and alkali to mimic what happens in nature to handle end of life.

In nature, this process can take years, but with the advancement in the aquamation technology, this process now takes less than 20 hours.
Our team will gently place your pet’s body into the aquamation chamber. Once the machine is started, warm water will circulate through the machine for 20 hours. After the cycle is complete, the mineral components of your pet and nutrient rich effluent will remain. By choosing private aquamation, the mineral remains of only your pet’s bone will be returned to you and placed in an urn. The nutrient-rich and environmentally safe effluent will be returned to the environment.

Cremation OptionPet WeightPrice
Private Cremation by WaterUp to 49lbs$385
50lbs – 89lbs$390
90lbs – 129lbs$395
130lbs – 180lbs$400
Communal Cremation by WaterUp to 49lbs$285
50lbs – 89lbs$290
90lbs – 129lbs$295
130lbs – 180lbs$300

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