How Aquamation Works

Green Farewells Crematory: What is Aquamation? Cremation with Alkaline Hydrolysis explained.

“Yes, you can be cremated by water.”

Green Farewells Crematory, situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, is at the forefront of introducing Aquamation as an eco-friendly and flameless alternative to conventional cremation. A staunch advocate for dignified and personalized deathcare, the organization upholds the belief in the fundamental human right to equitable end-of-life services.

Aquamation: A Gentle Departure with Water, Not Fire

Aquamation, also recognized as alkaline hydrolysis, distinguishes itself as a water-based cremation method employing 95% water and 5% alkaline. This process offers a gentler and greener alternative, deviating from the traditional flame-based cremation methods.

Why Opt for Aquamation?

Green Farewells Crematory positions Aquamation as a conscious choice, emphasizing its environmentally friendly process, gentle approach, and an alternative option for cremation for those who may be uncomfortable with fire for their loved ones.

Empowering Families with Informed Choices

While Aquamation costs may marginally exceed those of traditional cremation, Green Farewells Crematory ensures transparent pricing without hidden fees. The organization empowers families by providing information to facilitate informed decisions for their loved ones. Queries or consultations with licensed funeral directors can be addressed by contacting Green Farewells at (702) 483-1127.

Arranging Aquamation Services

To make Aquamation arrangements or seek additional information about services, visit the Green Farewells Crematory website. The dedicated team is available 24/7, offering expert guidance and can be reached via email at or by phone at (702) 483-1127.

Celebrating Life, Honoring Memories

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