Shipping with Water Cremation: From Las Vegas to Home

After water cremation, when faced with the necessity of mailing a loved one’s cremated remains, understanding the options and legalities becomes crucial for families. Shipping human ashes, whether domestically or internationally, is explored as a practical and affordable means of honoring the deceased’s final wishes.

Can You Mail Human Ashes in Las Vegas?

Sending cremated remains via mail is a viable option in Las Vegas, providing a fast and respectful solution when delivering ashes to a final resting place, especially if it’s distant or unreachable in person.

You might ask, is it illegal to send cremated ashes in the mail?
Contrary to common misconceptions, it is legal to mail cremated ashes domestically or internationally. Adhering to shipping regulations with an eligible carrier, particularly the USPS, ensures a lawful and secure process.

Can You Ship Cremated Remains Internationally from Las Vegas?

While international shipping is possible, varying rules across countries must be considered. Some nations, such as Belgium, Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, Portugal, and the United Kingdom, may have restrictions. Always check regulations for each destination of your loved one.

How To Ship Cremated Remains from Las Vegas

Which Delivery Services Legally Ship Cremated Remains in Las Vegas?

Unlike UPS, DHL, and FedEx, USPS stands as the sole legal option for shipping cremated remains. Priority Mail Express with tracking is the recommended USPS service for secure and visible transport.

USPS Supplies and Services for Shipping Cremated Remains from Las Vegas

Proper packaging is crucial when mailing cremated remains. The USPS provides specific instructions, emphasizing the use of an inner sift-proof container, cushioning material, and a robust outer shipping package.

To enhance ease and visibility in shipping, USPS offers cremated remains kits, including Label 139, which is mandatory for customer-supplied packaging. These kits ensure a secure and identifiable journey for your loved one’s ashes after cremation.

Cost of Shipping Cremated Remains from Las Vegas

Shipping costs for cremated remains via USPS are typically around $25 to $30 for domestic addresses, depending on the package weight. Additional services like return receipt or insurance may incur extra charges. Internationally, costs can range from $50 to $300, contingent on the destination.

Choosing Shipping Over Flying to Las Vegas

Opting to ship cremated remains offers flexibility in choosing the urn and avoids the strict guidelines and potential restrictions imposed by TSA and some airlines when flying with ashes. Additionally, shipping can be more affordable and logistically feasible for international destinations without the need for passports or visas.

Partner with a provider that understands the process of shipping cremated remains via USPS. At Green Farewells, we ensure your loved one is returned to your family with compassionate care. As families embrace eco-friendly alternative cremation options, we are prepared to make memorials meaningful with sustainable urns. This honorable gesture contributes to a responsible and respectful approach during challenging times.

Barbara Jean