How to Scatter Ashes in Las Vegas: Red Rock Canyon

Saying farewell and honoring a loved one through ash scattering in Las Vegas is a meaningful choice, especially for those opting for cremation or aquamation. In practice, to scatter ashes in most US national parks is generally allowed, but it’s important to note that the U.S. Forest Service prohibits this practice in National Forests.  Specific guidelines exist for scattering ashes in National Parks and Bureau of Land Management, so it’s crucial to understand and adhere to the rules of Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area in Nevada.

Red Rock Canyon in Nevada

The red- and cream-colored sandstone cliffs allows visitor to Nevada experience the natural wonders of the Mohave Desert just 17 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip. Red Rock National Conservation Area features world-class climbing, miles of hiking trails, a 13-mile scenic loop drive, visitor center, multiple day-use areas and campground. This allows for families to locate an ample amount of land to scatter ashes and have a meaningful farewells for your loved one.

How to scatter ashes at Red Rock Canyon that does not require a permit can be done under these specific conditions:

First off, you will need to purchase a pass to access Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area based on the vehicle type, method of travel, and time of year on the land:

Vehicle types allowed on Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area:

Commercial Tour Vehicle (bus, limo, taxi, ride-share, etc.)

Cost to access Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area:

A one day pass for a Car/Truck is $20 per vehicle plus $2 reservation fee. 

A one day pass for a Motorcycle is $12 per vehicle plus $2 reservation fee.

A one day pass for a Bicyclist is $8 per bicycle plus $2 reservation fee..

A one day pass for a Pedestrian is $5 per person plus $2 reservation fee..

A one day pass for a Commercial Tour Vehicle(bus, limo, taxi, ride-share, etc.) is $20 per vehicle plus $5 per person plus $2 reservation fee.

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

Timed Entry required for entry required for the Scenic Drive between October 1 – May 31

Timed entry reservations are required for the Scenic Drive between 1 October – 31 May for entry between 8 a.m. -5 p.m. Timed entry reservations can be made by visiting this link to | Timed Entry Reservations

Scatter Ashes at Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area Rules:

-Ash scattering must not be performed directly on the trails. Ash scatter is allowed just off of any of the trails.

-Ash scattering locations cannot have any permanent markers to indicate a memorial. You may not leave any monument, cairn, or other marker at the ash scattering site in Red Rock Canyon.

-No bagged cremated remains are allowed in the park. All cremated remains must be scattered in the terrain. 

If you want to have anything other than a small gathering, then a Special Recreation Permit (SRP) is required to be submitted. 

When you want to scatter ashes at another national park.

1️⃣ Visit the park’s website to check if it allows visitors to scatter ashes.
2️⃣ Select a specific location and plan the ceremony to scatter ashes.
3️⃣ Download, complete, and submit the application with any required fees.
4️⃣ Await permit approval, usually within two to three weeks.
5️⃣ Obtain additional permits if needed for specific activities.
6️⃣ Carry the permit when scattering ashes to avoid fines.
7️⃣ Understand and follow park-specific rules and regulations.

Remember, regulations vary by park, so review and adhere to each park’s guidelines. Examples of those guidelines related to individual scattering of cremated remains on many National Park Service websites including those for Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Parks. 

This respectful process ensures a meaningful scattering of your loved one’s ashes in national parks.

  • Cremation allows families flexibility in arranging ash scattering.
  • No central policing agency oversees scattering, but certain guidelines should be considered.
  • Permission is advisable for scattering on private property.
  • Public parks require a scattering permit.
  • Use personal judgment for ash scattering on uncontrolled public lands.
  • Avoid scattering within 100 yards of public roads or trails.
  • Dispose of the cremation container separately and responsibly.
  • Inland water ash scattering governed by the Clean Water Act; obtain required permits.
  • Sea scattering must occur at least three nautical miles from the coastline.
  • Biodegradable flowers or wreaths are recommended; non-decomposable items should not be left behind.
  • Notify the EPA within 30 days after a sea scattering event.
  • Cremated remains resemble small-grained gravel; consider wind direction when scattering.
  • Trenching and raking are alternative scattering techniques, but not digging.
  • Explore scattering urn options for a personalized ceremony.

We would recommend using a bamboo scattering urn from The Living Urn. Their innovative scattering urns are made only from bamboo, a material known for its strength, light weight, and stunning appearance. It’s also a sustainable resource and is considered one of the most eco-friendly building materials on the planet! One other positive attribute to these bamboo urns are that they are Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved for traveling through checkpoints. 

Bringing ashes on a plane is allowed, but it’s essential to use a container that can pass through the x-ray machine at the TSA checkpoint. While many airlines recommend carrying ashes as a carry-on to minimize the risk of damage, policies may vary. TSA permits cremated remains through security, but certain materials like lead-based ceramic or metal may pose challenges. Funeral homes offer TSA-compliant containers made of lighter materials, such as non-lead lined ceramic, wood, or cardboard, ensuring seamless x-ray scans. Travelers are advised to allocate extra time during security checks, considering that powdery substances may trigger closer inspections.

Treating the land with kindness and respect is the same level of care we have for our guests. Our respectful process ensures that we can help facilitate a meaningful scattering of ashes for your family. At Green Farewells we understand memorial services are an essential part of the grief process when seeking closure. Anytime we can help simplify the necessary steps to scattering ashes at Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area can provide invaluable support to grieving families seeking a serene farewell. Advocating for such services promotes a seamless and compassionate experience for those wishing to honor their loved ones in national parks.