Green Farewells LLC is an upcoming aquamation facility in Las Vegas Nevada. 
We are in the final stages of securing all permits and targeting Fall 2023 for opening day!

Honoring Your Loved One’s Last Journey Sustainably

Green Farewells will provide compassionate and gentle alternatives to traditional flame-based cremation and resource intensive burial processes. Our highly trained staff will be available to support and care for your family during difficult times, ensuring that you have a comfortable and personalized experience. With no hidden fees and all inclusive packages, arrangements will be able to be made from the comfort of your home completely online or over the phone.

Green Farewells 
Serving You & Your Loved One's Soon!

Here are some services we will be offering once we open.

Pre need

Setting up your funeral arrangements so your family doesn't have to worry when the time comes.


Also known as alkaline hydrolysis, is a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional cremation.


We will offer a variety of packages that will suit everyone's financial situations.

Metaverse Memorials

We recognize the need for sustainable solutions for end-of-life practices as technology advances.

Your Loved One's Story Matters

See how we help tell that story...

Digital Obituaries Memories Live Streaming

Re-tell the Best Stories

Contribute your memories to your loved one's memorial page to share with their family and friends.

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