How much is the cost of cremation in Las Vegas?

How much is the cost of cremation in Las Vegas?

When faced with end-of-life decisions, understanding the costs and environmental impacts of different cremation options is crucial. Flame cremation and water cremation, also known as aquamation, are the top two options in Las Vegas. Let’s dive into a comprehensive comparison to help you make an informed decision for your family.

Considerations of Cost:

Compare costs of cremation

How much does a cremation cost in Las Vegas? Flame cremation is often considered the more economical option in Las Vegas, with a price range of $800 to over $3000. On the other hand, at Green Farewells water cremation in Las Vegas is generally around the same costs, ranging from $1000 to $3000. Our General Price List itemizes the total cost of the crematory goods and services you will select when you are making the arrangements.The disparity isn’t drastic, and specific package inclusions play a significant role. 

Considerations of Environmental Impact:

Flame cremation involves burning fossil fuels, emitting harmful chemicals, and requiring substantial energy. Loved ones are placed in cremation containers. In contrast, aquamation is deemed more environmentally friendly in Las Vegas, using less energy and emitting fewer greenhouse gases. Moverover, there is no cremation container necessary which, for aquamation, does not contribute to additional costs.

Considerations of Appearance and Quantity:

Appearance and Quantity

Flame cremation produces grey, coarse sand-like ashes in Las Vegas. The returned ashes may contain the remains of the cremation container. Aquamation truly returns your loved one that yields white or tan ashes with a smoother consistency. Additionally, since there is no flame emission, aquamation produces 20-30% more ashes for an individual of the same weight.

Personal Preferences:

Families in Las Vegas may consider personal preferences, environmental concerns, and desires for a unique memorial. The decision hinges on weighing associated costs, environmental impact, and individual preferences. We recommend viewing the General Price List

Choosing between flame cremation and water cremation is a personal journey, especially in Las Vegas! Families must consider the costs, environmental implications, and their unique cultural preferences around cremation. Green Farewells is committed to helping families know the differences between the two types of end-of-life options and provide a compassionate service to our guests.

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