How much does it cost to scatter ashes at sea?

Scatter ashes at Sea

As the tide of end-of-life choices evolves, families are increasingly exploring unique alternatives to traditional burial. This blog post dives into the costs and options available to scatter ashes at sea and the less common but sorrow choice of burial at sea, both for cremated and non-cremated remains.

How much does it cost to scatter ashes at sea?

Sea Scattering Overview:

Sea scatterings involve releasing cremated ashes into the ocean, a symbolic act that has gained popularity alongside the rising preference for cremation. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates all burials at sea through a permitting process. Federal laws for scattering ashes at sea must occur at least three nautical miles from the shore, offering families a serene and meaningful connection to the sea. The costs for scattering ash services begin at $300 and increase with many options to select for the farewell.

Attended Scattering:

Families often prefer attended scatterings, where a hired boating service facilitates the process. Flexibility is paramount, allowing families to design personalized, informal or formal ceremonies on the boat or shore. Attended scatterings costs begin at $600 and increase based on the size of the party attending the scattering service and location. These services can be recorded or streamed online if the service provider offers the technology.  

Unattended Scattering:

For situations where family members can’t attend, boating services offer unattended scatterings. Special requests like playing specific music or reciting prayers can be accommodated for the service. Arrangements can be made directly with the provider or through Green Farewells. Families must authorize a designated provider to scatter ashes and are responsible for the cremated remains arrive at the  Unattended scattering cost begin at $300 and increase if the family chooses to record or stream the service online and the provider offers the technology.

Calm Waters for Scattering

Burial at Sea for Non-Cremated Remains:

Burial at sea of human remains that are not cremated can be a lengthy and expensive process. Regulations stipulate specific depths for such burials, often requiring a lengthy ocean journey with a larger vessel. This method involves preparing the casket to ensure a swift descent to the ocean floor, following strict regulations for security.  In times of grief, the support of Green Farwells crematory services can ease the burden of document retrieval and compliance.

How much does it cost for burial at sea? 

The site of burial is standardized by maritime regulations and environmental considerations outlined in the Environmental Protection Act. This guidance has logistical elements, such as selecting an appropriate vessel for loading and accommodating the casket for the final journey to sea burial will be a major cost. Furthermore, there are other expenses that the reflect emotional investments for a dignified farewell. These investments encompass choices like flowers that adhere to ecological guidelines and coffin preparation. Service providers ensure the coffin is biodegradable and has a gentle descent, which transforms rituals of love, respect, and responsibility. As families navigate these waters, each step becomes a tribute to the unique individual bidding adieu to the world—a symphony of choices, emotions, regulations, and cost for the most expensive and challenging option.

Scattering ashes at sea or opting for burial at sea involves meaningful choices. Understanding the associated costs and available options can help families make informed decisions aligned with their preferences and traditions. At Green Farewells, our staff can assist our guests and their families with a memorable experience when in our care.  

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Barbra Jean