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Direct Cremation Options with Green Farewells


Families deserve the right to select the most fitting farewell for their loved ones. At Green Farewells, we offer the option between traditional flame cremation or the gentle, eco friendly process of cremation by water (Aquamation), both available at an affordable cost.

Affordable Cremation Options, No Hidden Fees:

At Green Farewells, we understand the importance of transparency & affordability while navigating a loss. Our all-inclusive flame cremation packages start at $1295 and cremation by water packages start at $1195 with no hidden fees- ever. You can view all inclusive packages or build an instant quote at anytime and arrange entirely online. Transportation and death certificates are included.

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What is Aquamation? Leave a Legacy, Not a Footprint:

We are dedicated to providing gentle and eco-conscious cremation services that prioritize the well-being of all people and the Earth. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond traditional practices, ensuring a compassionate farewell and quality care for your loved one and nature. Hear about Aquamation and why we make it an available option at Green Farewells Crematory.

Why Green Farewells Is Different: Founded by activists, technologists, nurses, & funeral directors.

Green Farewells, Nevada’s holistic cremation services provider and community deathcare champion, prioritizes natural and personalized care for our members, their families and the planet. We staunchly believe in dignified and equitable deathcare as a fundamental human right.

Take care of your arrangements completely online and Arrange Now for Direct Cremation options.

> Cremation by Flame $1295 <> direct aquamation $1195 <> Value Aquamation $1450 <

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